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Für Elise

By fugalomen

NOTE: I am aware that there is a version of this piece already on SheetHub, but my transcription is based on the first published edition of the piece in 1867 with very slight modifications; some errors in the first published edition have been corrected like the missing forward repeat after the first alternative repeat, and some missing pedal stops in the original published edition have been placed.

Für Elise by Ludwig van Beethoven is the most famous small piano piece in the world, followed by Dvořák's Humoresque No. 7. Unlike the first movement of Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 14 in C-Sharp Minor–more commonly known as the Moonlight Sonata–the piece never achieved its fame during the composer's lifetime as it was never published until forty years after his death in 1827. As a side note, Beethoven once commented on the popularity of his Moonlight Sonata saying, "Surely I've written better things."
Für Elise is a short bagatelle for piano in the key of A Minor and has been hypothesized to have been written around 1810 for a woman Beethoven loved, but whose love was never returned. Indeed, Beethoven never married. Nobody knows exactly who Elise was.
The piece alternates between minor and major arpeggios and keys, smooth and gentle to dark and agitated, giving it its own character. It is not the composer's best work, but it has a certain beauty to it that makes the music come to life.

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