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Canon and Gigue in D Major

By fugalomen

Oh yes, you knew this was coming. Johann Pachelbel's famous–or infamous, depending on your viewpoint on it–Canon in D Major is one of, if not the most popular piece of classical music in the world.
It wasn't always this way, though. Pachelbel during his lifetime was renowned mainly for his organ and keyboard music, and after his death his influential legacy was soon forgotten. It wasn't until the late 20th century that the Canon became so popular. Many recordings have failed to pair it with its accompaniment, the Gigue, because who cares about some old Baroque dance that isn't in fashion anymore? I jest, I jest.
People who call something 'overrated' just because they personally dislike it irk me because it implies they think everybody who likes it is wrong and they are better than them. I would call the Canon overrated because it has overshadowed all of Pachelbel's other works, and Pachelbel wrote many other works that have since been lost, many of which are hypothetically better than the Canon.
So why am I uploading it? Well, I think this site is pretty recent and needs more views to grow, and I hope that by uploading the Canon (and Gigue) in D Major more people will stumble across this site. Pretty cunning plot, don't you think? MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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