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Devil's Kindred

By hendrixwritez

An immortal vampire with a crush on a damaged teenager who has eyes for a vicious vamp hating stranger.

A wolf clan savaged by past vampire feuds

A catastrophic zombie Apocalypse that leaves a mother searching for her daughter, as she tries to survive the first wave of undead Grotters and flesh eating changelings called Red eyes.

A half witch that doesn't quite know what he is.

Journey through the tense and dramatic pre-apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic experiences of Cassian-the vampire, Abigail White-the complicated teen, Philippe- the angry stranger with a lot of baggage, Hachiro-the wolf, Sam-the half witch and Martha Bullock-a desperate mother.

448 pages

Uploaded over 5 years ago

Obinna Hendrix

All rights reserved

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